Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Air Ticket One website. The use of our website is for the exclusive purpose of assisting our customers in providing information regarding the availability of travel-related products and services, to make legitimate reservations and/or transact business with travel suppliers. You may visit our website ( and undertake business transactions only after agreeing to the Terms & Conditions stated herein. We request you to read the Terms & Conditions carefully before you proceed to do any kind of transactions with us.

We may modify Terms & Conditions whenever required from time to time, and we accordingly understand that you also agree to the modifications to the same when using our website.

General Disclaimer

Air Ticket One is a Travel Agency offering direct flight deals, in addition to making travel-related arrangements with third-party suppliers such as airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and vacation packages providers. This is also to bring to your knowledge that the rates quoted by us are inclusive of service fees, applicable taxes and other charges. You also agree to the total amount quoted by us when making reservations on your behalf with Travel Suppliers.

We will not be responsible for inaccuracies or errors on our website, or non delivery of travel products and/or services by Travel Suppliers from whom these said products or services are obtained through our website. We also want to clearly state that while providing travel management services we don’t ensure, guarantee or endorse the services or products being provided by third-party suppliers, their current financial status or the reimbursement to you from any loss whatsoever because of the financial position of such supplier. If the supplier defaults before providing the service or product to you even when the payment has been already made to you then the defaulting supplier will be solely responsible for making a refund to you in whatever form unless such loss to you was caused by us. In such situations you are free to take legal action against the defaulting supplier whenever you may so desire.

We at Air Ticket One want to inform you that we aren’t responsible for actions pertaining to delivery of travel-related products or services that are beyond our control. We also won’t be responsible or accountable for any irregularity, non-performance, delay, damage, accident, loss, injury, omission, error, or any consequence thereof, caused through default or neglect or any other inaction or act of any Travel Supplier.

We won’t be responsible for any changes or fluctuation in price or change in flight schedule or accommodations subsequent to final booking and payment for such service. We also won’t be responsible for overbooking, cancellation, re-routing, flight delays, strike or weather-related issues affecting your reservations made through us. It may be noted that currency rates vary. The price quoted on our website is in local currency. We will however not be responsible for final currency conversion or rates after payment has been done for a travel reservation for the purchase of international travel products and services.

After making travel reservations with us and subsequent payment a penalty may be incurred during cancellation or seeking refund from the Travel Supplier of the said products and services. We also want to say that we don’t have any control on the prices quoted or payments made during the final booking.

We also want to state that we don’t validate, endorse, guarantee or promote the services and products of other advertisers which are advertised on our website.

When making travel reservations with us a contract may be formed between the Travel Supplier and you, and as such additional Terms & Conditions may be applicable to your purchase and booking of travel-related services and products. You are therefore requested to carefully read the additional Terms & Conditions of any such supplier, and also agree to those while making reservations with us.

Use of Our Website

Before you use our website it must be ensured that you are aged 18 years and above, legally authorized to enter into an agreement for transacting business with us, and do legitimate transactions for yourself or on behalf of others. You must also affirm that the information supplied by you or on other’s behalf is current, true, accurate and complete. You also agree that our website will be used in accordance with the Terms & Conditions stated herein. We hereby state that we reserve the right to deny access to our website to anyone and the services offered by us, for any reason and at any time, for violating these Terms & Conditions in any way.

We want to state that if any signs of suspicious activity, abuse or fraud are detected by us on your account or booking then we may cancel any service or travel reservations associated with your account, name or email address, and also close any associated accounts with us. Moreover, we reserve the right to take any kind of legal action upon detecting any fraudulent activity by you, and we will hold you responsible for monetary losses to us, including damages and litigation costs.

Travel Supplier Rules and Restrictions

Additional Terms & Conditions will be applicable to your reservation when purchasing travel-related services and products with us. You may kindly read the additional Terms & Conditions carefully before proceeding to make transactions with us. If you have, particularly, purchased a flight ticket with us then must read the Terms & Conditions of the airline with which your ticket has been bought, which can be viewed on the said airline’s website.

We understand that you agree to the Terms & Conditions of purchase as required by the supplier with whom the flights are to be booked, and payments to be made in full in compliance with the rules and restrictions by the said supplier. Airfare will be guaranteed only when the purchase has been finally made and air tickets have been issued. The prices may be changed by airlines and other suppliers without any prior notice. Your booking can be cancelled if full payment is not received by us in a time-bound manner.

The customers may be offered the opportunity for booking a reservation for a combination of two (2) one-way tickets instead of a roundtrip ticket by us. As such, combined one-way tickets can be utilized on the same airline or on different airlines. Different rules, restrictions and fees are applicable to each one-way ticket. If the airline makes schedule changes or cancellation to one or all of the flights and the customer has to make changes to one or all the affected flights then the customer will have to pay any fees incurred for doing changes to the unaffected flight.

You must also acknowledge and understand that violating the rules and restrictions of the concerned supplier may result in the cancellation of your reservation, denying access to the travel services and/or products, forfeiting of any amount paid by you for reservation, and/or debiting your account for any costs incurred because of such violation.

Our Booking Process

Once you have decided to book a flight ticket or any other travel products and/or services with us and place an offer for the same then we reserve the right to either accept or reject your offer on behalf of the concerned Travel Supplier, for any or no reason, at our sole discretion.

The email confirmation sent to you by us is an acknowledgement regarding the receipt of your offer, and not necessarily the contractual acceptance of the booking. We will check the availability of the flight ticket or the travel product or service as requested and will initiate the booking process upon its availability. The relevant booking will be treated as final and confirmed only when the full payment for the same has been received by us along with your acknowledgement.

Your booking (such as dates of travel, ticket availability and/or price) is not guaranteed unless the travel supplier makes and confirms the reservation and a ticket has been issued by us. After you have completed your booking, the changes to your booking (such as destinations or names) or cancellation will be at our sole discretion and in accordance to these Terms & Conditions.

We want to clearly state that neither Air Ticket One nor its business associates/third-party suppliers will be held responsible or accountable if you are denied boarding, delayed or deported because of non-fulfillment of the supplier’s rules and restrictions and all that is required of you by the government as part of your travel process. In such situations, you won’t be entitled to any refunds from us whatsoever.

Please note that all the passengers on your booking (if more than one) will have to travel on the same itinerary. We won’t allow you to add or delete individual passengers from your booking. Air Ticket One reserves the right for correcting errors in any advertised price, and, if applicable, provides you an option for either canceling the booking or allowing us for collecting an amount equal to any increase in price from your debit or credit card, before your scheduled departure.

Your booking to us is provided by the concerned travel supplier. In case of frequent flyer points and/or miles, you need to check it with the relevant travel supplier. Once your booking has been confirmed and the final ticket issued, the name(s) or destination(s) as provided in your booking can’t be transferred or changed.

Pricing, Taxes/Fees, and Payment

The total prices quoted by us are inclusive of all fees and taxes applicable to airfare, hotel and/or car rentals in your booking. Additional fuel surcharges and service fees may be charged by relevant travel suppliers, if applicable, during check-in. For queries or clarifications regarding such charges, you may contact the relevant travel supplier directly.

We at Air Ticket One accept all major debit or credit cards with a verifiable billing address. Full payment is to be made at the time of booking. We also require authorizing us and our authorized third-party suppliers for processing the charge to the debit or credit card provided to us for the total amount of your booking. You will have to make sure that the credit card verification number and billing address provided to us is accurate and is duly accepted by the merchant. We also want to inform you that all prices, offers and conditions of sale may be subject to change without notice.

If your credit card declines while processing your transaction then we will try our best for notifying you by email within 72 hours. Your transaction will however not be processed upon your credit card having been declined. We don’t guarantee the fare and any other booking details. If a fare change takes effect then you can exercise your right to cancel your booking without any cost and no service fees being charged whatsoever.

Our Fees and Exceptions

Air Ticket One will be charging a service fee as described hereunder. This will be in addition to cost and fees charged by each Travel Supplier. The fees charged by us are generally non-refundable, and will be charged on a per-passenger, per-ticket basis.

  1. Air Ticket One Booking Fees Online/Over the Phone: A service fee of up to $200* is charged on a per-passenger, per-ticket for U.S. Domestic and International flights.
  2. Air Ticket One Post-Ticketing Fees:

For Cancellations/Changes/Refunds

Within 24 hours of booking: A service fee of up to $100* is charged on a per-passenger, per-ticket for U.S. Domestic and International flights.
Beyond 24 hours of booking: A service fee of up to $200* is charged on a per-passenger, per-ticket for U.S. Domestic and International flights.

Changes to already purchased flights

Airline fare rules will be applicable to any and all changes to your itinerary. Air Ticket One doesn’t guarantee and won’t be responsible for any reservations or bookings made or confirmed to you when any changes are made to your original itinerary by the travel supplier upon your request or schedule changes.

Cancellations & Exchange

Our airline tickets are mostly 100% non-refundable. The airline may allow cancellations on a case to case basis, and in the event a credit may be valid to the passenger towards a future ticket purchase on the same airline.
The credit issued must be utilized before its expiration date.
The bookings where the cancellation has been allowed by the airline must be cancelled on phone by talking to our customer service center ahead of the scheduled departure time.
We however don’t guarantee any cancellation.
If you want to make a new booking using your airline credit then you will have to pay a fare difference (if any), along with applicable airline penalties and any applicable Air Ticket One post-ticketing fees.
Please note:- We will not be responsible for any flight ticket changes which are beyond our control, and strictly governed by the relevant airline’s fare rules, procedures and policies.

Cancellations & Refund

Most of our flight tickets, vacation packages, prepaid car rentals, hotels and service fees are non-refundable after 24 hours of booking. All cancellation requests must be placed to us over the phone only.

Any refund request will be accepted by us only if you meet the following conditions:

A cancellation and refund request has been made to us, and if the fare rules allow for the same
If we succeed in securing waivers from travel suppliers for processing the requested cancellation and refund.
The processing of the requested refund (if applicable) may take time and we cannot guarantee or provide a specific timeline for this. We will notify you about the relevant travel supplier’s decision whether your refund has been accepted or not. We cannot guarantee the refund as we are completely dependent on the travel supplier for receiving the same. Upon approving and confirming your refund request the supplier will charge a penalty for refund. In addition to refund penalties by the airline and other suppliers, Air Ticket One will also charge applicable post-ticketing services fee.