Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy :- We consider your privacy of information is to be our top priority and focused on maintaining the privacy of our all users. Kindly read the Privacy Policy thoroughly being provided hereunder by Air Ticket One and then proceed to browse our website and do transactions with us. This Privacy Policy will acquaint and make you aware about our Cookies Policy, third-party advertising and how we collect, store and use your personal information.

This Privacy Policy is regarding the use of our website. We may collect your personal information whenever needed and convey you through this Privacy Policy how we will be collecting and processing your information, providing our services to you and complying with our legal obligations for the fulfilment of our business interests. When using our website or purchasing any travel products or services from Air Ticket One, you acknowledge and agree that we will be collecting, using and transferring your personal information as explained in this Privacy Policy.

Your personal information will be stored by us and used so long as we need it for providing our services to you and complying with our legal obligations to run our business. After we have completed providing our services to you then we will be deleting all your personal information from our official records. Moreover, you also have every right to request us to stop the use of your personal information at any time and to delete it from our records.

We are fully conscious and aware of the fact that your personal information must be protected and secured with us. We accordingly have been implementing appropriate security measures for protecting your personal information with us, and you must also be aware about the inherent security implications in disclosing your personal information online, which anyways is not foolproof, and we therefore shouldn’t be held responsible or accountable for any breach of security unless the same was caused due to our negligence.

Whenever making any changes or amends to our Privacy Policy in future then we will be posting the same on our website, and notify you, whenever so required. We also understand that when using our website you fully agree to our revised Privacy Policy.

Your personal information will be used by us for your identification purposes only such as name, phone, email address, billing address, shipping address and any other such identifiable information that you provide to us or otherwise obtained by us, as explained in this Privacy Policy. We will be collecting, storing, using and transferring your personal information as already stated in our Privacy Policy.

How we collect your personal information

When you connect with us through an email, phone or live chat, comments on blogs, or making enquiry through our website, the personal information provided by you such as name, date or birth, phone number, email address, billing address and shipping address, will be collected and stored by us for future booking and transaction purposes. You may also provide your financial and other personal information to us such as payment details, and passport and visa details. We will also be collecting technical information regarding your use of our website as well as relevant information about your device (computer, smartphone etc), your visits to our website, and/or your online chats with our staff for enquiry or booking purposes. Your technical information collected by us may include device data (such as computer or mobile device), web browser used by you, location data (such as your current location, time zone of your device or IP address), log data about your visits to our website (such as URLs, data about your internet service provider, number and timing of clicks on the content, events viewed, download errors, page response times, length of visit to certain pages etc), and data about your interactions (such as sharing content on social media). The technical data will be collected by cookies being used on our website. Apart from these, your information may be received by us from third parties collecting your personal information and passing it on to us.

We associate with third party companies to provide you travel products and/or services. The third parties may therefore collect information about your use of their services through us. These third parties may also be placing or recognizing cookies, web beacons or other technologies for tracking your behavior. As such, you are requested to read the privacy policy of our individual third party service providers and how they will be processing your data.

How we use your personal information

Your personal information is used by us for supplying the travel products and/or services as requested by you and also for corresponding with you for supplying the same, for providing support to you regarding these services, for improving our website and services, for complying with our own legal obligations, and for performing internal business processes.

We will be using your personal information for sending you our special offers, newsletters and other marketing communications through email, phone or text message. You may however opt- out of receiving marketing communications with us anytime, but this will be to your disadvantage as you will not receive special offers from us. You may do so by unsubscribing from our mailing list at any point through the unsubscribe link in all of our email newsletters.

We may be sharing your personal information with third parties whenever necessary for providing you travel products and/or services requested by you or booked, for complying with our legal obligations, and for our legitimate business interests.

Your Rights

You have every right to know what kind of personal information we are keeping about you and how your information is being processed or used by us. You may always seek a copy of your personal information being collected and stored by us by contacting us through a form/contact box. You may ask us to delete or stop processing your personal information with us when you think there’s no legal ground whatsoever for your information being held by us, or transfer any information to a third party upon your approval.

Third Parties

Air Ticket One runs promotions with third parties on every special occasions of the year. We may be using third-party advertising companies for serving advertisements on our website and whenever you visit our website. Your personal information (other than your name, email address, phone number, billing address or shipping address) may be used by these third-party companies regarding your visits, for enhancing user experience, offering diverse content and providing advertisements about products and services that might be of useful for you.

During exceptional circumstances, we will be disclosing your personal information and any other information regarding your relationship with us, if our company is sold or merged with another company.

Links to external websites

Links placed from our website to other external third-party websites doesn’t necessarily mean that we approve or approve those websites. You are advised to read the privacy policy of those respective third-party websites being visited by you, and we we will not be responsible or accountable for any liability regarding the contents or your use of the third-party websites.


We want your payments to be secure whenever booking or making any transactions with us as it is of most important. We at Air Ticket One want to assure you that industry-standard encryption technology is used for our online booking service in order to secure your any credit or debit card transactions with us.

At the same time, we also want to tell you that transmitting any kind of information through the internet is not foolproof and not completely secure. We will however be trying our best and taking effective steps for protecting your personal information in all way possible, but we still can’t guarantee the security of your personal information transmitted through the Internet, and any such transmission will be solely at your own risk.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We make changes to our Privacy Policy over period of time whenever we needed. The amendments taken to our Privacy Policy will be posted always on our website and you will be notified whenever you access our website of the changes in privacy policy. It’s your sole responsibility to keep a watch on those changes by visiting our website. when visiting on our updated privacy policy so we understand that you acknowledge and accept those changes to our Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

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