Air ticketing is the process of booking and purchasing flight tickets for air travel.

The types of flight tickets available for air travel include one-way tickets, round-trip tickets, and multi-city tickets.

A one-way ticket is for a single journey from one destination to another, while a round-trip ticket includes a journey to a destination and back.

A multi-city ticket is a type of flight ticket that allows passengers to travel to multiple destinations with a single ticket.

The information required for air ticketing includes the passenger’s name, contact details, travel dates, destination, and payment information.

Air tickets can be booked online through travel agencies, airline websites, and travel booking sites.

Booking air tickets online is convenient, saves time, and provides access to a wider range of flight options.

To find the cheapest air tickets, compare prices on multiple websites, book in advance, and be flexible with travel dates.

A non-refundable ticket is a flight ticket that cannot be canceled or refunded.

A refundable ticket is a flight ticket that can be canceled or refunded, usually for a fee.

Yes, flight tickets can be changed after booking, but there may be fees and restrictions.

An e-ticket is an electronic ticket that is issued and delivered to the passenger via email.

Yes, passengers can board a flight with an e-ticket, but they need to present a printed or digital copy of the e-ticket at the airport.

A layover is a stopover at an intermediate destination between two flights.

A layover is a short stopover for a connecting flight, while a stopover is a longer break in the journey for exploring a destination.

A connecting flight is a flight that requires passengers to change planes at an intermediate destination.

A direct flight is a flight that travels from one destination to another without any stops or layovers.

A direct flight may have stops, but passengers do not need to change planes, while a non-stop flight travels from one destination to another without any stops.

Yes, air tickets can be refunded or rebooked due to flight cancellations or delays, depending on the airline’s policy.

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers unexpected events that may occur during travel, such as trip cancellation, medical emergencies, and lost luggage.

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